Colorado Springs

We love our city, and we want to invest in its strengths and be a channel of healing in its broken places. Through intentional events and tenacious relational investment, we are seeking to “stay forth” and bless our neighbors who live right next door. Right now, IAC is sponsoring teams walking with newly-arrived refugee families through Lutheran Family Services, as well as supporting foster families through Fostering Hope. When at least two households come together to begin investing in another part of our city, we’ll be ready to support and equip that team too. To learn more about these ministries, or to dream about starting another, contact Beth Battersby at localmission@springsiac.org.


Rwanda Sister Church – Partnering in Development

In our pilgrimages to Rwanda, we have seen that our Rwandan brothers and sisters are subject to the debilitating cycle of poverty. What can we do? With a listening posture, a partnership with local leaders, and a desire to provide dignity and prevent dependence, we can do a lot. During Christmas with Rwanda, IAC raises money for cows, goats, pigs, university scholarships, and roof sheeting that is specifically requested, and strategically distributed, by members of our sister church. The annual Run for Rwanda (runforrwanda.org) – a 5K race staged and simulcast in Kibali and Colorado Springs – has helped fund a clinic that provides medical services for a population of 10,000 Rwandans. To learn more about these or other opportunities to give, contact Deacon Regina at rwanda@springsiac.org.


Vocational Missionary Support

Although we all are missionaries in our own contexts, God has called some to be vocational missionaries who raise funds to support their ministry. At IAC, we have a number of vocational missionaries in our body, and we consider it a great gift to sponsor some of our friends financially, and support all these friends emotionally and spiritually. If you’d like to let the Missions Team know about your ministry, or are just curious about the missionaries we sponsor, contact Beth Battersby at missions@springsiac.org or click below.


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About International Anglican Church

At IAC, we want the gospel of Jesus Christ to define who we are and shape what we do. We are rooted in the sacred traditions of the church, passionate about the Scriptures, and utterly dependent on the Holy Spirit. We were planted in America by the Anglican Church of Rwanda and have been uniquely shaped by that relationship.

Service Times & Location

Sundays at
9am & 10:45am
1305 N. Union
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 629-7048