Our Story

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A Crisis at Home

For generations, the United States sent missionaries to the far reaches of the globe. Ironically, the United States is now home to the largest population of un-churched and spiritually disconnected English speaking people in the world (130 million). The American church has seen a steady stream of people leaving, often citing spiritual restlessness, apathy, or a sense that there must be “more.” There is still a deep hunger for meaning, significance and deeper questioning, but the church is no longer the place our culture turns to explore those questions.

Hope from Abroad

However, the global Christian story is very different from the American story. Christianity is experiencing a dynamic renewal and expansion in many other parts of the world, including Africa and Asia. America is now part of the mission field, and other corners of the globe are a mission base! In 2000, the Anglican Church of Rwanda began a church planting missionary movement to the United States. As part of this missionary movement, in late 2001 Ken and Sallie Ross moved to Colorado Springs with their sons to begin the process of planting a church from scratch. They longed to foster the renewal and transformation that their brothers and sisters in Africa were experiencing. Others began to hear this call as well, and in September of 2002, the International Anglican Church was born.


kaleb_4x6A Growing Family

Since 2002, we have been learning to cling to the gospel of what God has done and trust in His in his plans for us.  Ken Ross remains at IAC, now serving as a Bishop over our church and many others across the US. In 2015, IAC welcomed Ken Robertson (another Ken!) and his family as the new Vicar, leading the church alongside Bishop Ross. Along the way, IAC has planted two churches in Colorado Springs, worshiped in Shove Chapel, Benet Hill Monastery, and Central Seventh Day Adventist (our current location), and become a home for many who might have otherwise given up on the church or the Christian faith. In the process, we have seen God pour out His most incredible gift: He is re-making us into who we were made to be!

We invite you to come and see for yourself how God is weaving us together, and to consider joining us on this incredible journey of being transformed by the Living God.

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About International Anglican Church

At IAC, we want the gospel of Jesus Christ to define who we are and shape what we do. We are rooted in the sacred traditions of the church, passionate about the Scriptures, and utterly dependent on the Holy Spirit. We were planted in America by the Anglican Church of Rwanda and have been uniquely shaped by that relationship.

Service Times & Location

Sundays at
9am & 10:45am
1305 N. Union
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 629-7048