Curious About IAC?

DSC_2335 (2)Dear friend,

Looking for a church home, or just a place to worship on a short stay in the Springs, can be a daunting and discouraging experience. I hope this letter gives you a sneak peek that makes you feel more at home when you visit!

One thing you’ll notice when you visit is that we do some things differently. For one, we don’t own the building where we meet. We rent intentionally so we can be more generous with our finances. Also, children (and we have plenty of them) are fully involved in our body. We don’t mind if things get a little messy because they’re with us! You may also see pictures of Rwandan children and families on our screen. Those are not just faces, but personal friendships forged through over a decade of relationship. All of these are echoes of the International part of our name: as a church that was originally planted by the church in Rwanda, we have a unique culture that has been shaped by more than American Christianity.

You’ll also find we’re hard to define in terms of worship style. We’re what some call a “Three-Stream” congregation: if a liturgical, evangelical, and charismatic Christian were thrown into a blender, we’re what would emerge! During every service, we all participate – speaking, praying, praising, and receiving communion – because we believe worship is the work of all the people, not a show for you to watch. Some might be intimidated by not knowing what to do or say the first the week, but we have everything up on the screen for you to follow along (and by the third week you’ll have it down pat!). These values are rooted in our Anglican identity, a family of churches that insists that worship involves the whole church, the whole person, and the whole gospel.

But most of all, we hope that when you visit you will see the Spirit of Christ working among us. That’s the Church: the family of God, formed by Jesus Christ and filled by His Spirit. We pray every week before service begins that everyone who comes will hear and experience the love of God for them personally, through our worship together.

If you’d like to find out more, keep exploring this site. You might find the pages for our Children’s Ministry or our Liturgy particularly helpful if you visit, and the Worship, Community, and Mission pages present the breadth of our life together.  Also, don’t hesitate to email me at I would love to get together to share our stories, answer your questions, and let you know more about what God is doing here. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Deepest blessings,
Pastor Ken+, for the whole IAC family

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About International Anglican Church

At IAC, we want the gospel of Jesus Christ to define who we are and shape what we do. We are rooted in the sacred traditions of the church, passionate about the Scriptures, and utterly dependent on the Holy Spirit. We were planted in America by the Anglican Church of Rwanda and have been uniquely shaped by that relationship.

Service Times & Location

We now have
two services!
Sundays at
9am & 10:45am
1305 N. Union
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 629-7048