Our mission with the Art & Faith ministry:

IAC longs to see creatives find the kind of community that nurtures souls and fosters our calling to be co-creators in life with God. We seek to understand how our faith influences our creative endeavors and how our creative endeavors help to form our understanding of God.

Our creative interests span the traditional writing, art and music making, and dancing sorts of creatives to those who engage in podcast interviewing, aerial arts, lapidary arts, or just simply appreciating the arts. With such diverse interests, our gatherings are often themed. Whether we engage in discussion, experiences, or reflection during our time together, we delight in learning about God’s gift of creativity to us and unpacking the richness and depth it adds to our spiritual lives. Whether you consider yourself a non-artist, an amateur, or a professional, we trust that you will find relationships or resources to cultivate the intersection of art and faith in your life.

Monthly gatherings are held at our building. Email artandfaithteam@springsiac.org to find out more, or to learn about our creative partnership with the Colorado Springs based arts organization, the Anselm Society.

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Call for Art: Liturgical Calendar

Submission deadline April 15

Are you a visual artist or photographer? The Liturgical Calendar Team is seeking NEW and existent artwork submissions for the 2024-25 Number Our Days Liturgical calendar. Click HERE for more information.

Four years ago, International Anglican Church of Colorado Springs produced its first liturgical calendar. Number Our Days, features artwork from members of our local worship community depicting all time as God's time. This liturgical calendar was formed out of a desire to honor IAC’s founding as a church by Rwanda through the God-given gift of creativity of artists in our worship community. This calendar multiplies these blessings into a prayerful work that can bring depth and richness to the spiritual life of us all. Our hope is that these images may be vessels that help guide your hearts and thoughts to our Lord and Savior.

We often forget that all gifts, including time, come from God. Join us in a journey of remembering that all of our days are God’s days and of reshaping our thoughts through the story of salvation woven into our annual calendar.

Our hope in this calendar is to offer our community the gifts of our tradition and the gifts of our sacred seers, through which God will shape our hearts into being a wise and loving colony of Heaven here on earth. Order one for yourself and extras for gifts! All proceeds over and above cost go to our sister parish in Kigali, Rwanda.

In seasons of worry or disorientation, our hearts cry out as the psalmist did: God, how do we live? What should our days look like? What day is it, even? In the Anglican tradition, rooted in Scripture and the rhythms of the Church through the ages, we find a good and true teaching on how to understand both the time we are in and the larger story we are all invited into as God’s beloved. Instead of days marked by productivity—workdays and weekends, civic holidays, and secular celebrations—we are invited to mark our days by receiving.

By beginning our year not in January but in November, not with the contemplation of new resolutions but in the resolution of all things, our time is shaped by receiving the Good News, instead of hustling and earning. In this way, we are invited to inhabit sacred time in each moment. Along with the ancient gift of the liturgical year, the artists of IAC invite us to see time and our place in God’s kingdom from a different, more beautiful, and sacred orientation.