Church Planting

Do we really need more churches?

Unhealthy churches split and fracture.

Healthy churches multiply.

The consistent drumbeat of the New Testament mission is that receiving and releasing the gospel results in new churches being planted wherever the gospel takes root.

When churches multiply, great things can happen: new leadership rises, pastoral care deepens, new community emerges,
and creative cultural translation of the gospel emerges.

At IAC, we are planting gospel-centered, sacramental, missional churches because this is part of God’s plan for healing the world through the gospel of Christ.

The COS Anglican Network

The COS Anglican Network is a partnership of Anglian churches within the Diocese of the Rocky Mountains (DRM) desiring to plant gospel-centered, sacramental, missional churches across Colorado Springs (COS), the Pikes Peak Region, and beyond. Charter members are International Anglican Church (IAC) and Holy Trinity Anglican Church (HTAC). The Network Leader is Pastor Ken Robertson, Pastor of IAC. Funding for our planting work comes from a partnership of IAC, HTAC, the DRM, and designated gifts.

What church plants are in progress?

Restoration Anglican Mission
Deacon Paula Ladefoged leads this congregation in Monte Vista, a small town between Alamosa and Del Norte within the San Luis Valley (near Great Sand Dunes National Park). To find out more, you can contact Deacon Paula at

COS Church Planting Apprentice – Chase Whitney is a COS Network Church Planting Apprentice, a half-time role focused on discerning a call to planting and training for pastoral development. Chase serves at both IAC and HTAC in preparation for a potential church plant in the Pikes Peak Region. You can reach Chase at Potential launch: Summer 2026.

COS Church Planting Resident – Eric Chesney is a COS Network Church Planting Resident, a full-time role focused on launching a church in the Pikes Peak Region in the next year. Read more about our church planting vision here, and watch the recording of our Church Planting Meeting here. You can reach Eric at Potential launch: Summer 2024.

Greater Pueblo – A community of IAC congregants who live in Pueblo have begun exploring the possibility of worshipping and serving locally. You can connect with them and find out more from Pastor Ken at